Establishing Manufacturing Plant in India - All you Need to Know Guest Article


Robust Demand

The Indian manufacturing sector is recording robust growth and is characterized by a robust increase in demand in various sectors like-

·        ACE or Appliances and Consumer Electronic

·        Electric Vehicle

·        Chemical Sector

Automotive consutancy services

Market size

The gross value added (GVA) of the manufacturing sector in India at current prices is estimated at USD348.53billion


Policy Support

The Government of India has extended several favorable policies supports to improve the growth of the manufacturing sector in India.

·        PLI scheme

·        6technology innovative platforms.

Competitive Advantages

Indian manufacturing sector enjoys multiple competitive advantages like

·        Low skilled labor cost.

·        Growing middle-class.

·        Increasing market demand.

·        Improvement in infrastructure.

Important factors to consider while setting up a manufacturing plant in India

·        Logistic framework

·        Site selection due diligence

·        M&A activities

·        Human Resources.


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