Guide to Pharma and Biotech businesses in India

How Can Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies Implement More Innovative and Effective Strategies to Establish a Business in India?

Strategies for Foreign Pharma and Biotech businesses in India

The Indian pharmaceutical and biotech sector continues to be world's one of thelargest manufacturers and suppliers of cost-effective drugs. Hence, this sectoris still an attractive proposition for foreign investors. The pharmaceuticalsector has seen an escalation of 200% in FDI.

Moreover, the FDI inflowsremained buoyant at Rs. 4413 crore in the year 2021-2022.

India's healthcareindustry is diversified, providing scope and opportunities to foreigninvestors.

However, foreign organisations can make the most of the growthspectrum of India's pharmaceutical and biotech sector with the robustassistance of pharmaceutical regulatory consulting firms in India.

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